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Amalfi Coast Cooking Class

Amalfi Coast limoncello tour experience

With our Amalfi Coast limoncello tour experience you’re going to Immerse yourself in the wonderful lemon’s fragrance.

Lemons have always been Amalfi Coast’s symbol. They are one of the most important ingredients of local cuisine, giving to the dishes its unique flavour and taste. Just taking a tour in a lemon grove of Amalfi Coast is an unforgettable experience, but now, thanks to our cooking classes, you can not only walk among the lemon trees, but you’re going to find out the quality of this exciting citrus fruit and how to use it properly when cooking.

The visit will take place in a farm called “Da Carluccio”, where the guides will show you the lemon grove, telling you the story and the details about the growing of this marvellous fruit. Go from the PGI lemon’s production to the lemon cooking with our delicious recipes!
After the tour, you’ll be back to our restaurant where our chef Vito will prepare a lemon based menu, that will include: appetizer, main course and dessert.

Anyway this is not the only option available. If you want, you can combine our lemon tour with a lemon based cooking class!


You’re going to cook alongside our chef some delicious and fresh dish just to enjoy them in the beautiful panoramic scenery of our restaurant.

The special ending cake, this time, will be a delicious lemon tiramisù that you’re going to cook with our pastry chef Linda, the perfect ending of a day entirely dedicated to this product of Amalfi’s excellence.

A minuimum of 4 people is needed to join this experience. Just like the other cooking classes, there’s some gift you can bring back home: an apron with Melchiò logo printed on it, a cookbook with various traditional recipes and a bottle of limoncello.


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