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Amalfi Coast Cooking Class

Pizza Cooking Class

With our Pizza making class in Amalfi Coast you’re going to discover the secrets of the real neapolitan pizza!

Where else, if not here in Campania, do you have the chance to find out how to make a great pizza? Thanks to our chef Vito you’ll learn the tricks to prepare a delicious pizza. You will be welcomed with a free drink, then you’ll be ready to take place in the sea-view kitchen and start preparing a fragrant pizza

Our chef will show you all the steps in order to do a good dough, choose the right ingredients until the final step: cooking it in the wooden oven! Few steps that looks quite easy, but you can come across some trouble. Anyway with the help of our chef you’re going to recognize and solve them, so you can eat your tasty and delicious pizza in a the beautiful Amalfi Coast scenery.


This tour is one of the most appreciated by the kids, they usually have much fun with he dough preparation and putting the pizzas in the wooden oven!

Beside that, keeping in mind the traditional food, you’re going to cook with our chef the parmigiana eggplants, included in a four-hour cooking class where you’ll have fun, learn to cook and taste the mediterranean traditional food.

Our pizza cooking class is available in two variants: KM0 and Pizza Gourmet. What’s the difference between them?

Let’s take a look:
Pizza Gourmet
• Prepare the vegetables for pizza and parmigiana
• Parmigiana eggplant as appetizer
• Pizza with daily fresh fish
• Pizza with premium traditional cold cuts
• Pizza Veg

• Prepare the vegetables for pizza and parmigiana
• Parmigiana eggplant as appetizer
• Traditional pizza making: Margherita, Ortolana or Cherry Tomatoes and rocket

We’ll say goodbye with some gifts: an apron with a Melchiò logo, a cookbook and a bottle of limoncello.

What else could you wish for? A unique experience you’re looking forward to share with all your friends!


Pizza Class

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