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Amalfi Coast Cooking Class

Pasty cooking class

Choose our italian pastry cooking class and enjoy the making of traditional italian patisserie!

One of the most recent experience available in our tours is the italian pastry cooking class in Amalfi Coast, for those who wants to test their skills with one of the most difficult and charming culinary arts: pastry-making.

Thanks to our pastry chef, Linda, you will learn how to cook the most traditional and delicious traditional Amalfi Coast’s desserts.

There’s a plenty of cakes you’re going to prepare: coffee tiramisù, dark-chcolate caprese, fruit tart or the amazing delizia al limone. All of these cakes comes from italian traditional patisserie, and everyone would love to be able to cook them at home!


Right after the welcome drink, you’re going to start the 4-hours pastry making class, and – at the end of the day – you’re going to taste them beside a good cup of coffee or drinking a lovely limoncello.

This is the perfect cooking class if you want to impress your friends!They’re going to love your traditional italian cakes!


Pasty cooking class

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