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Are you searching for an italian chef cooking class in Amalfi Coast? You are at the right place!

Our chef, Vito Piccolo, has been in catering and restaurant industry for decades. His passion for cooking starts at home, where his mother and his uncle, Tobia, will show him the path to follow to become a chef.
Vito has worked in a lot of different restaurants across Europe and Italy, many of them awarded with michelin star and, today, he’s the patron chef of Melchiò restaurant, in the pictoresque Amalfi Coast’s scenery, in Furore.

Here he started a new project: the italian chef cooking class in Amalfi Coast.

A place were tourists and cooking enthusiasts could test their skills in culinary art, proving themselves in the making of traditional italian and mediterranean dishes, doing that starting from the seasonal products.
This project started four years ago. Today we have six different cooking classes, all of them thought to respond the special needs of our guests.


Our chef Vito will guide you through all the different kind of italian foods, like fresh fish, neapolitan and mediterranean traditional food like cherry tomatoes or mozzarella cheese, the world-renown pizza and various pastries: a way to let you feel really close to people and culinary traditions of our country.

That’s Chef Vito’s mission: let people appreciate the true value of a fertile land and its fruits, a land that’s so generous with its people: the Amalfi Coast.


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Vito at Work

Vito at Work
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