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Traditional food

Give yourself the pleasure of the Amalfi Coast’s traditional food: between taste and tradition.

The first local product that comes to mind when you’re thinking to Amalfi Coast are the lemons. They’re labelled as PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and, since ever, the “sfusato amalfitano” stands out for its flavour and its taste and even for it’s uncommon oblong shape, that make it even more unique. You can’t only use it as it is, taking advantage of its high vitamin C content, but those lemons are usually used in a lot of recipes that enhance its taste.

Everyone has heard of Limoncello. A delicious liqueur prepared with care of details, by making macerate the lemon peels in alcohol, sugar and water for few weeks. What you got from this simple recipe is really unique: a liqueur with an intense and fresh flavour, highly used as a digestif.

Floyd Weaver

Amalfi Coast’s traditional food and italian food and wine are, without any doubt, one of the main reasons why people choose to come here.

The use of the Amalfi Coast’s lemons is almost unlimited. But we need – let’s say we have! - to mention is the famous Delizia al Limone. That’s basically sponge cake soaked in limoncello and covered with lemon cream. That’s the perfect fresh and tasty cake to eat in those amazing Amalfi Coast’s summer nights.

But there’s a lot more, not just lemons! If you move towards Cetara, there you must try some traditional seafood dish. Tuna and anchovies it’s what you shouldn’t miss in Cetara. In particular, what’s really special is the “Colatura di alici”, which is basically an amber colour liquid, made by aging fishes under the salt. The result is a perfect seasoning of your spaghetti, but be careful, the “colatura” is so intense that you just need to use few drops to give the right “sea” taste to your spaghetti.

Floyd Weaver

Moving up towards the hills, local foods changes a bit, but still keeping their uniqueness.

Places like Furore, Ravello or Tramonti, are famous for their vineyards, where the Costa D’Amalfi wine is produced. Grapes of these lands gives birth to a lot of other wines, like the Aglianico or the Biancolella.

Amalfi Coast’s local food variety makes these places even more special. We just wrote about citrus fruits, cakes and pastries, wines, fish, but we can’t forget cheese. There’s a town, Agerola, which is renowned for its high quality and tasty cheese. Here you can find provolone del monaco DOP (a stretched curd traditional cheese), caciocavallo or fiordilatte mozzarellawhich is so tasty and fresh. All these products comes from Lattari Mountains and are produced with devotion and attention to family traditions

If you’re wondering “where’s the Pasta?” here in the Amalfi Coast you’ll go with Gragnano’s pasta, but if you want to try something special, so you have to try Minori’s “Ndunderi” wich is one of the world’s oldest pasta, acknowledged by UNESCO.

So, now that we have mouth-watering, it’s clear that Amalfi Coast’s traditional foods are one of the reasons why people loves to come here!

Discovering local cuisine and culinary art is, in fact, what makes a vacation even more succesful, raising it, and linking beautiful places with breathtaking panoramas to tasty experiences that will be equally unforgettable.

That’s why to be part of one of our cooking class, means putting the icing on the cake, making your holiday memorable!

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